First-ever program to BUILD & SHIP consumer-ready AI-apps using Bubble and LangChain for beginners

    Why this Course?

    Welcome to No-Code LangChain SaaS Bootcamp, the course that will transform your app-building journey and give you step-by-step training to make you an AI app wizard. With LangChain as your secret weapon, you can create AI-powered consumer apps in a flash. With this course, all the coding complexities can become a thing of the past.

    Unleash your creativity: No coding experience? No AI knowledge? No problem! We'll use no-code tools to build complete AI SaaS apps.

    Bubble magic: From a blank canvas to a stunning, fully functional app, Bubble's no-code tools will make app development a breeze.

    The power of LangChain: Discover the incredible framework that revolutionizes AI app development, enabling you to build apps in record time.

    Seamless integration: Learn how to easily connect Bubble with no-code LangChain tools like Flowise and Langflow, enhancing your app-building capabilities.

    You will Build Amazing AI Apps

    Chat with Documents

    Create an impressive Chat-with-PDF app that allows users to interact with any PDF, while providing a seamless multilingual experience with over 100+ languages. Learn to upload, filter, pass chat history, delete PDFs, and enable powerful search capabilities, making your app truly versatile and user-friendly.

    Autonomous Agents

    Build LangChain-powered agent apps that autonomously handle tasks, connect multiple data sources, and take action. Harness the power of agents to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock new possibilities in app development.

    AI Apps

    Hundreds of apps could be built using a combination of document loaders, chains, agents, tools, and vector stores. This will unleash your true potential. Build unique apps and showcase them with the LangChain community.


    What our students are saying about the course

    "Yes thank you so much @Misbah ! Really appreciate all you've done with the course. Aside from the specific help for my project, showing how to set up multi-step-tasks for the agent and bubble application is incredibly useful generally".

    - Titus, Enrolled Student

    "You are a GREAT teacher! The way you explained for an absolute beginner, the simple examples you gave really helped me get a grasp of the system and I followed along and successfully built my own basic ChatBot!"

    - Hassan, Enrolled Student

    "I would like to thank Misbah for building a solid course linking bubble to LLM."

    - Nishant, Enrolled Stuudent

    "You gave waaay more than you charged! Thank you very much! Hope to join your next class. Will you have the next one?"

    - Tursun, Enrolled Stuudent

    Founding members of LangChain, Logspace, and Flowise have recommended this bootcamp.

    What are our graduates doing...

    Founded Stardrift AI: A company that leverages AI technology to create innovative software solutions for businesses.


    Founded KoBra Datworks and Hosting one of the biggest virtual AI summits, Creator School



    How is this course different than the youtube videos?

    Youtube videos only scratch the surface, this course takes you from no knowledge of LangChain and Bubble to where you can build AI apps in a week. Each tool used will be explained with practical examples and details.

    Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

    The good thing about this course is that it is uses all no-code tools so you don't need to have any prior knowledge of coding!

    I am a high school student, can I join?

    Yes, there is no age specific requirement to enrol in this course. You can even get a student discount by emailing to help with finances after showing proof of student ID.

    How long does the course take to complete?

    This course should take 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on your pace.

    What happens if I am away for a few days?

    No issues if you are going to go on a break once the course starts. You can pick back up from where you left once you are back.

    Is there a way to ask questions to the Instructor or other students?

    Join our discord channel to ask questions directly to the Instructor and network with other students who are aiming to become LangChain experts!

    Employer Sponsored Education?

    Share the course flyer with your employer and convince them that learning to build AI apps is one of the most important skill sets of this century.

    First-ever program to build & ship consumer-ready AI-apps using Bubble and LangChain for beginners

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